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Jaime O. Perez Tribute


Tropicana Properties Tribute to Jaime Perez

Community advocate, champion for the poor who cannot speak for themselves, loyal friend. Jaime Perez passed away suddenly on December 4, 2017 at Del Sol Hospital a few days after a massive stroke.

EL PASO,TX December, 5th, 2017 - Jaime was born and raised in El Paso, Texas—a city and community he loved dearly. More than anything, Jaime loved the people of El Paso, especially those who society sometimes overlooks and treats “less than” others. Coming from humble beginnings himself, attending Bel Air High School and then going to receive degrees from prestigious Brandeis University in Boston and the University of California at Berkeley, as well as taking masters and doctoral classes at the University of Texas at Austin, the JFK School of Harvard and Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City, Jaime was truly dedicated to trying to help those who may feel “less than” and empowering them. He would often espouse his passionate belief to students of his that the United States of America provided people the greatest opportunities to better themselves, but they had to work for it. He would tell his close friends how wonderful it is to live in a country without a “class system”, where mobility and access to goals were unlimited, but that unfortunately a lot of his students came from a structure in Mexico where a “patron society” dominated and the psychology of that left them feeling that they “had to know their place.” Jaime fought every day to break down that barrier of thought.

Over the last 10 years of Jaime’s life, Jaime tutored, taught English as a Second Language (ESL), and gave GED preparation classes at various apartment complexes for Tropicana Properties. In addition to those classes, Jaime’s Makron Academy provided other educational “modules”, as he liked to call them, including teaching them how to form and start a business, how to manage money, as well as health and nutritional lessons. He loved to write and read, and was a devout student himself in learning about different life philosophies, economics, politics and about how they all intertwined. Jaime’s core beliefs were centered around self-sufficiency, and he would often proudly state that he is a libertarian who distrusted governments as well as all forms of self-appointed elites organized to oversee the masses. Jaime subscribed to many Native American Indian beliefs, and practiced many of the sacred rituals held dear to those beliefs on a regular basis later in his life.

Jaime entertained himself by running for office in as many races as he could over the years, as he enjoyed interjecting his beliefs and core understandings of the world into public debates. Jaime loved nothing more than to take subjects head on in political debates and shed light on what he saw as the absurdity of modern political debate in which “saying nothing” while “trying to appeal to everyone in the room” was the goal of everyone running for office..., except him. While almost always jovial and outgoing, Jaime’s quick wit and intelligence were always ready to be put on display in a setting where people were being disrespectful. On a self-created bio in 2010, Jaime stated that he was a student of Keneth Waltz’s neo-realism in international relations and James Gregor’s philosophy of history and science. He also shared stories with close friends about Ayn Rand’s writings, and particularly her classic novel, “Atlas Shrugged” and its overtones of losing individual liberty and freedom to government planning and control.

Jaime would almost always be seen with a smile on his face, ready to converse with anyone on any level of discourse. He had a strong sense of loyalty and valued greatly relationships of friends and family. He will be greatly missed by his co-workers at Tropicana Properties as well as by the thousands of lives he touched in the community. Throughout Jaime’s life he was a philosopher, political adviser, writer, journalist, politician, community advocate and leader, student, teacher, but most of all, a FRIEND who will be sorely missed by all who truly knew him.


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